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slow take it slow make it all go away, down push it down you haven’t gone deep enough.
Stop it won’t stop all the insecurity and guilt
hush make them hush pull the trigger and down the pills,
don’t, wait, wait just a little longer until the fog subsides because you’ve come out stronger

Please don’t try and take credit for that, it’s mine and it means a lot and I’ll kick ass


My girl Dakota (right) met another husky named Koda (left) at the vet the other day
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a family friend of mine is a gigantic book/movie/tv nerd and when she married her husband their biggest struggle was the fact that they now had two copies of every book, dvd, and boxed set and that is the kind of marriage I aspire to have

That is so beautiful.

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ppl on this website be like your grades don’t measure your intelligence but whether or not you drink tea and like dr. who does

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adapt or die

Holy shit if you don’t think mother nature is hardcore please get out

Mother nature is punk af.
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the folt in our stors
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do you ever get so disgusted with yourself, like you can not believe how stupid and thoughtless you are and it’s so frustrating because you keep telling yourself that you’ll do better next time but then next time rolls around and the same thing keeps happening and you end up in this pattern of mediocrity.

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When i die im going to put the “fun” in funeral 

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dont tweet band members anything you wouldnt say to them in real life

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Omg is it really you…its been so long. ..
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